ExcelFlex 6-38 GHz

ExcelFlex 6-38 GHz

The ExcelFlex™ is a full featured microwave radio for the global telecommunications market. It consists of a Software Defined Indoor Unit™ (SDIDU™) and Outdoor Unit (ODU). The ExcelFlex radios include a state-ofthe-art single chip modem ASIC, allowing a highly integrated IDU with flexible modulation for spectral efficiency and powerful Forward-Error-Correcting schemes. The ExcelFlex is designed to support flexible payload types and data rates, as well as payload switching, in 1+0 unprotected, 2+0 east/west, 1+1 protected, and 4+0 configurations.

Advanced capabilities: The Software Defined IDU includes an integrated Crosspoint Switch that allows a total of 160 E1s (200 T1s) to be mapped from and to any of three different ports: East Modem (maximum 64E1/84T1), West Modem (maximum 64E1/84T1), and Local Front Panel (maximum 32E1/32T1). The Crosspoint Switch gives systems integrators and network designers flexibility in designing ring and linear point-to-point-to-point architecture networks.

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